1.5 is afoot.

Update is delayed; ExtraTiC (which gives us molten Metallurgy metals) and EnderIO update (needed for TE3) do not appear to be playing nice

Compiling mods and testing now so we can move on to 1.5 and some new stuff….

  • TE3 (Thermal Expansion 3) preparation! I’m not sure if we’ll include the open beta with this release or wait until the “official” release date of 11/22… as ScottyD suggested I should open it to a vote but I have very limited time to put together updates so I’m going to have to do what ends up working best…
  • Opis! This is mostly for Admins (lets us see force loaded chunks and what chunks are eating the most resources/ticks in our minimaps).
  • Updates! (Tinker’s Construct, EnderIO, Mekanism, denLib, MystCraft, Natura, Biomes O Plenty, etc) Most of these updates are to add RF (Redstone Flux, TE3) compatibility but some add some new features.
  • Doge! Much update           new conent                   wow              play MC
  • Forge! Thanks to fixes with Biomes O Plenty, Natura, and Ars Magica 2 (which is not released out of dev yet, sorry) we can move to the newest latest best Forge (which we kinda need to in order to take advantage of MystCraft and MCPC+ updates).

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