1.4 in Launcher 3

I’ve pushed version 1.4 to the launcher; there are a lot of mods updated in this version. I felt it was important to touch on a few big changes here…

  • (DartCraft) Chu-Chus (skittle slimes) now spawn. Their drops are used for making DartCraft potions.
  • (DartCraft) Sturdy only stacks once on armor now (no more Invincible Flying Iron Man, sorry).
  • (ExtraTiC) Metallurgy metals can now be poured in Tinkers Construct molds to make tools.
  • (Basic Components) Bronze Plate and Steel Plate recipes have changed; they are now 2 bronze/steel ingots (respectively) in a row… they also uncraft back to the 2 ingots.
  • (MineTweaker) In order to apply the recipe change to SSP saves, you’ll have to copy the folder “minetweaker” in “./config” to your save’s folder. Not sure why.
  • (Biomes O’Plenty) Birds and Nether Nests
  • (Extra Utilities) Connected Multipart blocks… and more difficult Deep Dark.
  • (Mekanism) Usual plethora of fixes and potential bugs :).

Server will update when we get a chance to push the files… probably not until early Sunday morning.

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3 thoughts on “1.4 in Launcher

    • CoderJ Post author

      DartCraft 0.2.12 Changelog excerpt
      – The Soul upgrade is now present even if Soul Shards is not installed, and no longer imbues one level of Soul Stealing (which no longer exists) onto Force Swords. Instead, the Soul upgrade is now responsible for encouraging Mob Chunks to drop, and does not stack.

      As for Loot Bags.. I may need to tweak the drop rate… thought i kept it the same.