Bug Reports / Crash Errorss

The wiki has something to say about Bug Reporting. Please read it.

It really streamlines the process for us if the directions are followed as otherwise the following happen:

  1. We get “Game Crashed” with a vague description. We can’t troubleshoot that.
  2. We get “Game Crashed” and then someone tries to post a crash log or full log via WordPress (this site), which helpfully rejects it (wall of text) and/or cuts off the important parts.
  3. We get duplicate bugs/error reports that may either already be resolved or have a recommended work around.

As proficient at working on this thing as we like to think we are, we are not omnipotent… heck, we don’t even know¬†what the server is doing most the time (especially now that we’re with an actual host instead of the drinky bird-powered VPS we were using). So details and logs (logs help even more when they’re posted properly via ATLauncher’s paste server or PasteBin) really help.

That said, I also personally apologize if I come off short while dealing with these. My time for looking into these, fixing them, and pushing pack updates has gone to a very small margin (measuring it in minutes, not hours, basically). To apologize and alleviate, I present our new Technical Support department. They work for treats… although their grammar and documenting skills could use work.

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