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4 thoughts on “1.31

  • Bill Sellers

    I logged in today around 4PM PST. I spawned in the mining age, did a little mining, then /home. Overworld started to load, then client crashed. I tried 4 more times with the same result. I reinstalled, no change. Singleplayer works fine.

  • Bill Sellers

    CODER EDIT: I posted how to report bugs/crashes. The wiki gives pretty good information on how to do this… however, you did not follow directions. This was auto-trashed, I think, by the system while I slept. I restored it, however, WordPress cut off part of the log because it has a character limit to avoid WALL OF TEXT! In the future, please report issues on the bug tracker (as stated in the wiki) and use the upload crash log feature of the launcher as well as PasteBin for the entirety of the mod loader log. I really can not stress this enough.

    What we got of the log can be found here: http://pastebin.com/hvQ8JEG2

    • CoderJ Post author

      I have approved and edited the post to avoid wall of text. If I had to guess, I think you have a block that was in Mekanism but was removed. I can MC Edit it out… as soon as I find the Block ID for it.

      In the future, please use the bug tracker and upload logs as asked… otherwise it gets cut off and is useless to us (plus you punish everyone else with wall-of-text)

      EDIT: Issue was a stray remaining Theoretical Elementizer (30001:4); it is now a piece of Stone. Ironically, next planned update fixes this (Mekanism changed rendering on machine blocks, so if it’s an unknown metadata it renders as a blank machine… handy since he removed a machine… will help if anyone else has one).