IP Address Changes and What It Means for You

The supercool guys at TheSmelter (our new Hosts) contacted me last week and offered to change our IP address from a shared IP (with a pesky port number) to a dedicated IP (without a port number). So we said yes, because nobody likes port numbers.

What does this mean, you ask? Well… On Monday the 4th of November at 7:00am Eastern (5:00am Mountain, the only timezone that matters) our servers IP address will change. I will post the new IP here as soon as I have it and will update the DNS record for the server. By 10:00am or so the DNS should propagate and FTB.FrogTEK.net without a port number will once again work to access the server.

So to recap. On Monday at 7:00am EDT the IP address of the server changes. You will use FTB.FrogTEK.net to reach the server. You will no longer need a port number.


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