We broke the internets

Well… maybe not the Internets, but we broke something. We’re not sure what, but it means we can’t FTP in… so that nice shiny 1.21 version I just pushed? Yeah, we’re stuck.

Good News – Fine folks at TheSmelter are working on this (something is seriously wrong with the FTP Daemon…. may be a small child it ate or a pitchfork lodged in an unmentionable spot, not sure… it doesn’t talk).
Bad News – I need to sleep… so regardless of how good the fine folks are, it’ll be a bit until the server is back up.

If you’re bored and need something to play, may I suggest Path of Exile (Diablo fans) or The Stanley Parable (not sure this is a game… although I succeeded in doing something, I think). Or browse Kickstarter, there’s some awesome games on there right now like Rimworld, Obduction, Cosmic Star Heroine, The Phoenix Project – City of Titans, Pulsar: Lost Colony, etc etc etc. Or you could try going outside… but it’s scary out there (also, I don’t advise punching trees… it hurts and the neighbors will become concerned).

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