Wow… that was fast! 1

So, before I announce things… some statistics (because we can track this stuff now)

Since we published 1.0 of the pack, it has been installed 32 times. The pack has been played for a total of 513 hours. Wow. Just wow. We really wouldn’t do this stuff if we didn’t think the community didn’t enjoy it and it appears you all love it. We really couldn’t ask for a bigger compliment than those numbers and we look forward to them going up.

On that note, tonight is the last “stealth” update which adds MystCraft back into the back… be sure to click “Reinstall” before trying to connect to the server, this will update your configs.

Also, you people are a bunch of building beasts! Build rush appears to be mostly over… what’s left we can do in survival no problem. The server is currently down to reset into survival mode and will come back up when we’re done configuring it for everyone.

Again, we can’t thank you all enough for your continued support and play. If you really want to show off, enable Leaderboards in the options area of your launcher… this shows off to the rest of the ATLauncher community what mod pack you play and how many hours you’ve put in. Free advertising for us ;).

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One thought on “Wow… that was fast!

  • Jehdai

    The build rush was a lot of fun.

    Side note: There might not be any light down in the admin building’s 3×3 piston door machine room (hole under the door with the wires and pistons). You guys might want to plop a torch down there. (forgot to do that myself)