Build Rush Started 2

A little early, but the stuff I needed to do went faster than I anticipated. Currently the server is set to Creative-only with a very small world border (100) and whitelist-only. The people who are whitelisted are the ones who have responded to the previous post titled “Build Rush + Grand Opening (and Sign-Ups)” (if you would like to join, read that thread for more info).

I will be streaming off and on as work goes on and I believe MaskdTux and Jehdai will be as well (Jehdai has said if he doesn’t stream, look for YouTube videos :)). Work is expected to go from today until Friday, however, if it looks like things are wrapping up early we will open earlier. Thank you everyone for your support and continued patience.

Builders: Please excuse the dust as I fix some Essentials settings and ItemRestrict stuff. Oddness may happen but I should be able to keep it to a minimum.

EDIT – Issue with Thaumcraft version has been resolved. FYI, we will keep running into this :\

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