Build Rush + Grand Opening (and Sign Ups) 14

It’s coming….

FrogTEK 1.6.4 Spawn Build Rush + Grand Opening!

10/23/2013 @ 9am EDT until 10/25/2013 @ Noon EDT is Build Rush!
10/25/2013 @ 7pm EDT will be our Grand Opening!

Exciting, isn’t it? Please note the Grand Opening time may change depending on schedules… however, the server will be back up for general play after Build Rush is completed. Grand Opening will just be the formal opening of the server ;).

Want to participate in Build Rush? Read more after the break…

Build Rush Information

  1. FrogTEK will be in “creative” during Build Rush, with a border of 250 blocks around the proposed spawn area.
  2. Server will be in “whitelist” mod; only Build Rush participants will be allowed on.
  3. We are looking for 5 main structures to be built; Newbie/Initial Spawn, Portal Depot, Tavern/Inn, Admin Offices, CentralTEK Park (descriptions after)
  4. Additional buildings may be built for spawn after the 5 main are done.
  5. Secret rooms in the structures are fine but please no hidden treasure/caches… if you show an admin where they are we will take care of that ;).
  6. Nothing “high-load”, explosive, or explosive-tendency in this area.
  7. No “community-supply” structures unless approved by an admin (we would rather such things get built using actual effort/resources).
  8. Keep buildings PG-13.
  9. Please limit building in other dimensions to initial “landing” zones.
  10. All other server rules apply!
  11. At the conclusion of Build Rush, all players will be reset/wiped and the spawn area will be zoned in such a way that players can interact with it but not build/destroy. A snapshot will also be taken at that time.

Build Rush Structure Goals

  • Newbie / Initial Spawn – A place new players start in that gives an overview of much of the basics of most mods as well as shows off some of what mods can do. Area will also show-off some end-game stuff as well as give the players some of the commands for using the server. Server Rules should be placed somewhere prominent.
  • Portal Depot – Think like a train station or Grand Central, with hallways to tracks actually leading to portals/link book areas.
  • Tavern/Inn – A place players can stay (beds) until they find their own or get the resources to setup someplace. Should have a tavern/inn feel (tables, chairs, fireplace, bar, etc).
  • Admin Offices – A small office building (or structure… imagination is cool) where the admin/mods could work out of. Thinking at least 8 offices, plus a conference/command room.
  • CentralTEK Park – The name is subject to change; nice open park to show off various plants/trees/landscape features. Paths and trails through it would be awesome. Does not need to be flat. We can expand the world border during rush if need be to make it bigger.

If you would like to help out with this, please respond in the comments with your username so we can add you to the whitelist for the build. Please don’t use “other” means for this as we need to keep track of who is allowed on.

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