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Thank you to all our development version testers; due to their diligence and eagerness to break stuff we’ve managed to put together a stable configuration of mods. ­čÖé The final mod list will be updated soon, along with install instructions and various wiki links. We’re just going through mods now to isolate a few “problem” items, finalize block/item IDs (can’t wait for the new system….), and update any mods that may have one available.

Some notes on stuff that is going on behind-the-scenes:

  • MystCraft –┬áMystCraft will be included in our pack (as an external download), however, XCompWiz is in the process of finishing some stuff before porting to 1.6.4 (we can not use the 1.6.2 version due to some changes in Minecraft Forge). When he ports to the current version, we will include it. This should not affect world gen, so it shouldn’t be a big deal.
  • ThaumCraft –┬áThere is a current issue in Thaumcraft with “analyzing” (when you get that far, you’ll know) non-block blocks (rain, portals, spawners, etc). Don’t do it, you’ll crash. Azanor is aware and is fixing it.
  • Mekanism –┬áConnection to the server currently takes about 30 seconds; this is because┬áMekanism looks for a voice server for the Walkie-Talkies. We do not have one setup. I believe a config option is coming soon to disable this as we are not going to load down the server with a voice server (plus we already have Mumble).

I’ll update this post as I remember things.

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2 thoughts on “Dev Status: Complete!

    • CoderJ Post author

      I may be reading the bug report wrong; the wording is nothing that can’t be placed via Creative and crash reports I’ve seen have mentioned rain, but that could be a coincidence. I could not recreate the crash in the rain, so analyzing in the rain should be fine, I guess.