Weekend Dev Update 9

Pushing an update now for development of 1.6.4 FrogTEK mod pack; all going well I think this may be the version that gets pushed to ATLauncher for public consumption (waiting on Ars Magica 2 to push a fix for an issue our dev testers found). We had to make some hard decisions going into this next push, but it looks like pay off is good. So here’s the bad first…

The following mods have been removed: Industrial Craft 2, Advanced Machines, Charge Pads, MineFactory Reloaded

Yeah… so, that hurts a little. To put it simply, we were a little hobbled by IC2 and MFR (most release version mods do not support MFR’s new API correctly, leading to lots of warning spam in logs; IC2’s flux dev state causes issues as well). To be honest, it looks like Mekanism along with Atomic Science/Universal Electricity fill the IC2/Thermal Expansion hole nicely while most of what MFR did we can already do with existing mods (Steve’s Carts for farms, BuildCraft/Mekanism for processing, Engineer’s Toolbox for power conversion/mob farming, etc). In addition, removing those 4 mods has cut down on memory usage a ton on the client side (before, typical play with the world generated was about 1.5GB of memory in SSP… now it’s about 400MB!).

In other news, a wiki for our pack has been setup to start accumulating resources for how to use various mods and share knowledge… we will put a thread in the forum asking for volunteers when the time is right. Please note we’re not looking to reinvent the wheel here… there is a dearth of information on various mods out there to go through; we’re just looking for a place our users can go to to easily find the best resources (and if one doesn’t exist, create one). In time we’re hoping to put out our own “Let’s Play [MOD]” vidoes showing off various mods and post them there as well.

Note to Dev Testers: Yup, another dev world reset. This should be the last one, however. Care packages will be available at spawn.

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9 thoughts on “Weekend Dev Update

  • Dan

    The IC2 thing is kind of a bummer especially no UU gen, but on the other hand having to learn new mods and new ways of doing things is very cool. I am hover ever disappointed I was really hoping to get to play some FrogTek with everyone this weekend =( but understand the necessity for thorough testing. A big thanks from Tam and I to all the testers for all your hard work it getting this running for the FrogTek community. Looking forward to the launch.

    • CoderJ Post author

      UU Matter was a little OP anyway ;). A lot of the mid to end game for most players revolved around making factories to churn out cobble and generate UU… which increased server load without really doing anything spectacular.

      To be honest, UU Matter was always something I played with banning.

      And I’m sure the testers appreciate the thanks, especially since more than a couple of the bugs they found we’ve been able to submit to authors and gotten fixed!

  • Jehdai

    This has to be the best thing I have read today. The dinosaur in the room is gone. Seriously, when is the last time IC2 had a content update? It is stale. The only thing breathing life into IC2 was stuff like gregtech, but who wants that after the shenanigans Greg pulled over the summer? (seriously he has a mod that changes all the other mods, but when someone changes something he changed, he throws a fit, what is that all about) (enough about that).

    I assume there is a block in the pack that will allow us to charge our power suits. Its a shame that there isn’t a UE or BC equivalent to chargepads.

    And as Dan said. Thanks guys for testing this for us. I can’t wait to start playing modded minecraft again.

    • CoderJ Post author

      Well… it’s hard to argue since I cling to BuildCraft/Forestry, but to be honest IC2 has started a very rough evolution. The experimental development branch, which I had originally included in the pack, basically took some great ideas from Gregarious, Thunderdark, and player so that the mod can move on. I’m hopefully for how the process turns out but I have a feeling it’s going to break a few more times along the way (eNet is still derpy, especially with new changes… new machines are cool but some are still having issues… API is in flux which breaks some mods).

      And… what suits? MachineMuse’s Modular Powersuits has not been included due to the load it places on both server and client (especially in bandwith, yikes). I think you’ll find DartCraft offers a nice tool/armor system that replaces it without being severely OP. If we had left MMPS in, well, the mod is actually based on UE so of course UE provided a “charging station”. MMPS could come back later; we’ll watch it and see how it develops.

      • Jehdai

        I must have missed the power suits thing.

        So dartcraft flight sounds limited, without knowing everything about all the mods there, there doesn’t look there there is another tech mod that provides free (creative mode or ic2 style) flight in it. Unless I am missing something.

        I was planning on playing the TC4 grind right away. I am pretty sure there is an option for flight in thaumcraft. So this might not be an issue for me.

  • Dan

    I really only used UU for the odd ball stuff not really mass production of base materials. I’m also wondering how no IC2 and TE will effect AE and its power hungry systems. I will have to look for some Universal Electricity and Mekanism videos today I have never used them at any length.

  • Bill Sellers

    I’m excited.

    Each round of changes forces me to try new things in the game.

    “Without change, something sleeps inside us, and seldom awakens. The sleeper must awaken.” – Duke Leto Atreides