Development Status

Those on the development test team have been playing and submitting bug reports, and we have been busy squishing them. Some issues are mod bugs and are being reported to authors, however, many mods in the 1.6.x family are now 1.6.4 which causes us a small problem (our server software of choice is only 1.6.2 atm; we could switch to using a forge vanilla server but there is a large list of issues with that). Top bugs we have atm are….

  1. Tinker’s Construct smeltry only smelts vanilla ores and it’s own; it is ignoring the oreDictionary as well as ExtraTiC. Not much we can do here (issue is present in other 1.6 mod packs as well, appears to be an issue with TiC itself).
  2. Optifine causes the client to crash. This is a known issue between Optifine and Railcraft; the solution is to not install Optifine.
  3. Lag spikes on SSP. We’re not 100% on what is causing this yet but I suspect it’s the internal server performing a little subpar on some hardware. I can’t seem to replicate the issue on either of my setups.
  4. Thaumcraft 4’s link automatically goes to the latest version, not the version the pack uses. I’ve PM’d Azanor to ask that he provide archived/previous 4.x releases so we can avoid this… luckiily we’re on dev so updating the XML and pack is a cinch.

I’d like to ask that all dev testers (and admin testers) click the “Reinstall” button on their instance of the mod pack… this will refresh mods and configs to match the current version being sent to the launcher. SMP testing will start Friday. All going well, we will be done with SMP testing before Tuesday and ready for the build rush… all going well we could see a launch as soon as next weekend.

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