Version Tease 14

Imma leave this right here…. link to a spreadsheet.

Feel free to speculate/ask for additions (be prepared to state your case… trying to keep mod count sane ;).

EDIT – So I did an impromptu 1-hour stream to show off some of the new features and do some Q&A. Bullet points in case you can’t follow my nasal rambling (because I don’t plan on editing this video):

  • We are switching to ATLauncher; I highly recommend you check it out (supports all versions of MC including Vanilla, I especially recommend the Resonant Rise mod pack). It’s pretty slick.
  • I will post how this affects you (regarding download and setup… walkthrough and such will be available), however, this change gives us a lot more freedom to work with in regards to updating the mod pack and what mods we use (no more emergency website downloads to fix bugs between releases).
  • Wiki links in the mod list incoming!
  • Powercrystals’ mods are gone, so is AdvancedSolars/IronChests/EnderStorage/GraviSuite/MPS Addons/Ars Magica (until 2 comes out)/Misc Peripherals/Thermal Expansion (awaiting update via KingLemming).
  • Project: REd is in. So is Universal Electrcity, Basic Components, EnderIO, Metallurgy, Mekanism, Engineer’s Toolbox, and some others.
  • I lose track of what I’m talking about frequently without Mel here or anyone keeping me on topic. Also, I do not like the sound of my own voice on the playback.
  • I am losing weight (so… not FrogTEK related but a good reason why I’m not here as often).
  • Only 5,000 chunks can be loaded on the entire server before things get squirrely. Note that this number is actually smaller because it assumed each ticket (how Forge tracks what is allowed to load how many chunks) may not be at the full limit. So it’s possible if there are a lot of small tickets out there for the number to be easily half to a quarter as large. This means additional chunk loaders may not always load their area (possible work around coming, I found some Forge API hooks I can easily grab to tell a player when this happens).
  • I suck at starting out without admin cheat power. So I cheat. Deal with it 😛


  • We have been approved for ATLauncher. I will be asking for SSP/SMP testers soon.
  • XP loss on death is back.
  • Initial world border will be about half of what we have now; this is so when we add Ars Magica 2 we can spawn some of it’s stuff in the Overworld (no more lame Archmage’s Challenge Tower, sorry).
  • We will be looking for spawn builders a few days before relaunch. You will have creative, but the world will be limited to pretty much Spawn.

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14 thoughts on “Version Tease

  • nubbs232

    Ok one question I have is does this mean a reset? I know I would appreciate a restart haha. I really like the look of the new power converting systems if I’m looking at those correctly.

    • CoderJ Post author

      Unfortunately, yes… it means the end of the current world is coming.

      The power conversion system is Engineer’s Toolbox, and we’ve also got EnderIO to rock out with for transport and such (Ender Storage took a walk again… some strange bugs)

      • nubbs232

        I am actually very happy for a reset…I’ll spread the word around and hopefully we get some of the old people to hop on. 🙂

  • Jehdai

    Atomic Science is one of those mods I have always wanted to play with.

    The loss of the gravisuit mod saddens me. (the thread says its 1.6.2, compatibility issue?)

    Wireless Redstone!

    Is there a wireless power transport in one of those mods, or are we waiting for TE for that?

    Last question, are we days, weeks, or months away from this?

      • CoderJ Post author

        We are probably about 2 weeks away, depending on how testing goes (first SSP testing, then SMP testing on closed server, then server setup for public consumption).

        GraviSuite is a compatibility issue (using old IC2 framework I believe… keeps throwing errors). Plus I think we used the Vajra and that’s it.

        No Hard… I die enough as it is ;). We will be disabling the ability to retain XP on death, so there’s that (use the Liquid XP mod to store it for safe keeping ;).

    • Jehdai

      The lack of iron chests means early game storage is just normal chests and trapped chests.

      The latest build of iron chests is for 1.6.4 and the recommended is for 1.6.2. Either barrels or Iron chests would make a good early game storage. (is iron chests another compatibility thing?)

      • CoderJ Post author

        Metallurgy has similar chests to Iron Chests. If I can eliminate a mod due to redundancy that’s great (less memory/loading).

        Let me double check, but I thought one of the existing/new mods has a barrel alternative.

        • Jehdai

          Ah, I don’t know much about metallurgy.

          There are barrels in the current pack, but they are only for liquids, as far as I can tell.

          AE is a good barrel alternative, it is just not a viable thing to do early game.

  • Sandi

    I’ll help out with whatever I can. Would be happy to be a spawn builder–only time commitment barrier will be 10/25-10/30 as I’ll be on a business trip. Depends on hotel wireless but I may be able to hop on at times then. It was about time for a world blow up and renew. 🙂