Warning: Dropped items cleared every hour 5

Plugin has been disabled. It will clear drops every hour until restart  I’m going to have to find a better solution for this but it shouldn’t keep wiping out drops immediately. Sorry… on my mobile so band-aid band-aid is a band-aid.

 I’ve rewritten the plugin (I forgot how easy it is to do sometimes… ugh, sleep….). It will be updated on restart; sorry about that.

I’m not sure if it’s an out of control factory somewhere or ambient mobs generating items, but the dropped item count on the server has been getting insane over the last week or so. I’ve found I have to clear them every few hours or the server starts thrashing…. so….


Starting today, every hour on the half hour, the server will clear all dropped items! If it’s on the ground and not placed, it will get eaten. The server will warn all online players 5 minutes/2 minutes/1 minute before the command is run so if you’re mining or working on something you should have time to pick up your stuff before it’s turned into virtual dust.

Questions and answers after the break…

What about if I die?
If you die in a chunk that is not force loaded, your stuff will be safe. This is because when the chunk gets unloaded (because you’re not in it anymore), time no longer passes for it (this is why we force load things we want to continue working when we’re not around). If you die after the 5 minute warning, we would recommend hanging out far away from your stuff to avoid it becoming eaten and recovering it after the clear (chunks that are not being forced to load due to player presence or chunk loaders unload almost immediately now). Unfortunately, dying in a force loaded chunk after the 5 minute warning gets dicey… so try to plan on getting somewhere safe quickly to avoid it.

Will this affect my tree/animal/mob farm?
It shouldn’t. Most automated farms pick items up almost before they exist in the world… there may be 1 or 2 ticks where they get destroyed before they can be recovered but this should be a negligible loss.

What about items in pipes/tubes/AE cable?
Personally, I would recommend using transfer nodes as they are very server friendly (no entity tracking, instant inventory transfer), however, items in transit via pipes/cable/tubes/golem should be safe. Testing says they should be safe, but we all know this can change in reality.

Isn’t this just a band-aid? (Asked in comments)
Yes it is. We’ve always had an issue with excessive item drops in the world due to the various automated setups, animals, and automated mining system. Things fail… it’s a fact of life as well as Minecraft, however, the real world does not crash when too many items are dropped on the ground (well… semantics… moving on). Our world does. This kills a problem we had much earlier (runaway systems killing the world by flooding it with entities) as well as solves the more recent one (something somewhere is leaking…). I’m sure there’s a better solution, but we don’t have it atm.

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5 thoughts on “Warning: Dropped items cleared every hour

  • Dan

    Coder not sure how often you check your tweeter feed, the settings on this might be wonky its clearing items in a fraction of a second. Cant mine farm mobs etc. without items clearing before you can pick them up. I was dumb and hit the q and dropped my power fist. Making a new one now but wanted to let you know its borked.

    • CoderJ Post author

      Usually I get mentions sent right to my phone… however, Twitter derped (didn’t get an e-mail either).

      Issue is fixed now; it shouldn’t crop up again but the restart may challenge that.

    • CoderJ Post author

      It is a band aid… in the first degree. The problem is the dropped entities are not appearing in my tracker (it only tracks mobs) and I tried visiting all the force loaded chunks I could…. found nothing that appeared wrong.

      We’re accumulating 1,000 dropped entities an hour (hence the purge). More than most malfunctioning pipe systems but less than a full bore quarry (not to mention a quarry would be done by now). As far as bandaids go this isn’t bad. I’d keep it around as it kinda fixes a worry we’ve had since day 1 (out of control factories/quarries/etc) but increase the time between purges.

      • Jehdai

        Is there a mob grinder hooked up to buildcraft pipes that’s attached to an offline AE system? Has to be something renewable. Either that or its several systems that are messing up. I’ll keep my F3 up in my travels and I’ll post if I find anything.