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2 thoughts on “Brief (Uncut, Unscripted, Unsleeped… wait, what?) Server Tour!

  • Billy_Deadmeat

    Thanks for the credit, but the spawner station was definitely nubbs! I did the city’s station (which got blown up by a rogue cart). You got most of us for the city, though. Missed MaskdTux and rivergod, who helped found and build a ton of the city. Yeah, the reset scares people away, but after it happens it brings people back too.

    Nubbs and I have started working on a fun project in the high cliffs, regardless of the impending doom. Like the videos!

    • CoderJ Post author

      I actually have this stuff written down somewhere… problem is going off of no sleep and decided “Hey, let’s do a stream and test the noise gate on my mic!”