Archmage’s Challange Open 1

Please note this is still under construction; there’s no real treasure yet aside from the Archmage Podium!


Ready to cast spellsĀ to the extreme! Through mystical magical ethereal means, the Archmage has constructed a small challenge for the worthy. It is recommended to have a higher version of the Ars Magica armor, as the resident Dark Mages and Tower Guardian do not take kindly to intruders.


  • Battle your way through the entry foyer past those unworthy of higher power, whose own failure has enraged them so much they now attack those who would try for it themselves!
  • Navigate the Archmage’s labyrinth library, where sometimes even the bookcases are not what they seem!
  • Challenge the Archmage’s loyal servant, the Tower Guardian for your very life as well as access to the Archmage’s Podium!


We are not responsible for losses incurred while playing the Archmage’s Challenge. Please note the opening the door to the challenge will killĀ EVERYTHING inside (including players) (poor man’s reset ;).

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One thought on “Archmage’s Challange Open

  • CoderJ Post author

    Interdiction field should no longer cover the entrance. Sorry about that.
    Tower is now Warded Block… no more cheating to get in. Door is still glass… but 10 times out of 10 the guardian will still be upstairs. I may make a bottleneck at some point to make sure he spawns every time
    Only 1 Guardian should spawn per an activation. Down from 3 (whoops).