New Age Incoming

Please note that when 0.82 drops (either today or Thursday) we will be generating a new Mystcraft age for mining/exploration. This will allow users the chance to find the Ars Magica structures/dungeons as well as offer a new mining age. As a result, chunk loaders will be reset until visited (meaning that it may not actually load until someone gets nearby to force it to reload… this is because we need to delete the database that tracks these when we create/reset ages).

As always, please do no update to 0.82 until it’s announced here and/or reflected in the server info (seen when you view the server list).

Please note after this I will start posting YouTube sneak peaks into what is going on with the pack as well as looks at stuff players may or may not know about the server and it’s mods. This is in addition to streaming both this server and FSMC (I will be posting a schedule for both soon).

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