Ars Magica 2 (and some potentially Bad News) 12

Anyone watching the last bit of my stream last night heard me talk about Ars Magica 2. It adds some magic elements that we lost when Equivalent Exchange 2 (3 is not a very good successor to it… being still in pre1) but the transmutation and items appear to be more balanced (if anything… they are almost a little lossy).

I’m going to be pushing this out with 0.82 which will include the fix for Chisel so people can stop crashing at spawn 😉

Now for the bad news: Anyone that has been following Myrathi/Slowpoke Twitch streams or DW20’s ForgeCraft series has seen how much an overhaul Thaumcraft 3 has gotten…. and from what little I can get from my pipeline this may not play well with our existing world. On top of this, Minefactory Reloaded appears to have no maintainer (still)… so there is at this point the potential that we may have to do another world reset. Sad face.

On the plus side, Myrathi is taking over Thermal Expansion but since the FTB Child’s Play Marathon raised over $20k (!) King Lemming will port it to 1.6 before he bows out. Yay.

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12 thoughts on “Ars Magica 2 (and some potentially Bad News)

  • Dan

    World resets never bother me gives me an excuse to build something new and better than the last time =) and Tammy hates where I put our house so it wouldn’t bother her at all lol.

  • Dan

    I also forgot to mention Ars Magica looks amazing. Is there any way to get one of the mods that includes barrels, I know we have AE but I miss me some barrels lol.

    • CoderJ Post author

      The ports are well and good but pose two issues…

      1) They are not ‘recognized’, that is, they are not official nor do they have the author’s permission. The author made the source available on Github but set no conditions on distribution of modified code (other than “You can’t claim credit.”) Further, if the author should chose to come back again, this causes 3 versions of the code to exist. This is a literal nightmare for mod pack maintainers (at one point, there were 3-4 versions of MFFS floating around with all 3-4 authors fighting about it… IC2 authors had to step in; we use Thunderdark’s version (he contributes to IC2 dev)).

      2) Because of the murkiness of whether or not the 1.6.2 ports are legit, FTB team will not allow them to be distributed through the launcher. Period. This is the reason we didn’t get Logistics Pipes…. although they might push the server over the edge in terms of CPU/Mem use.


      From testing on the 1.6 dev server on my home setup… this is negligible. Basically… it feels like the server is running at 17tps even when it’s at 20. Not sure if there are some things Spout/MCPC do to alleviate the lag/bugs or what. I’d have to look into it but it’s not really worth doing atm since FTB Launcher can’t support 1.6.x yet.

    • CoderJ Post author

      Traincraft is not a possibility, unfortunately. It does not play nice with some of our other mods. I did try to integrate it in between sessions of Ars Magica but this one looks like it’s not to be.

      We are not dropping Thaumcraft; Ars Magica works with it. Much like how Thermal Expansion/Minefactory/IC2 provide alternative technology systems, Ars Magica will provide an alternative magic system

      Plus side: It’s much harder to poison the local environment with Ars Magica ;).