0.81 is now live! 7

The nether and the End have been reset! You were all warned this would happen on Thursday!

If your client crashes upon login, try using this config (https://www.dropbox.com/s/s8tjbfzfqu6rm92/immibis-microblocks.cfg) (save as “immibis-microblocks.cfg” and place it in your config folder, if you have trouble finding that click “Edit Modpack” in the launcher, then go up one folder… config should be there).

There are some strange issues going on with Chisel mod blocks (specifically, the stairs… but I warned everyone that was a known issue in a previous post); just break them and replace, they will fix themselves. If you have some microblocks that have disappeared let an Admin know as we’ll need to clear that out by hand in order for you to be able to place things there again (we may also provide replacement material, your mileage may vary).

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7 thoughts on “0.81 is now live!

  • WW

    Have a lot of missing microblocks that need to be cleared out so I can place something else in the holes. Should I avoid microblocks from now on? (ie. same thing going to happen when going to 1.6?)

      • Remmy

        It is. However at launch, the file is re-written to the original file with the original content. Not sure what it going on here. I had no problems while I was in my house/area. Can I be “moved” back somewhere else so I can play, or will I have to wait?

        • CoderJ Post author

          try changing autoDetectCuttableBlocks: false to autoDetectCuttableBlocks: true in the file, delete everything else below it (shouldn’t need to).

          It should come up with the same blocks as everyone else (Block IDs are the same… it’s just something messed up in the config)

          EDIT – I manually moved you back to your home.