Live Stream / Youtube “Let’s Play” 5

Okay… so now that most the kinks are worked out and we’re waiting on FTB to support 1.6.2 (as well as some mods) I figure it’s time to try promoting as well as showing off some stuff people may not know about the pack. I’ll be live streaming via my channel. Schedule currently looks like I’m going to start streaming on Saturday 9/7/2013 at about 2pm EDT (maybe later if I oversleep) and probably run until 4pm or later depending on how things go. If possible, I’ll try to come back during “prime time” (7pm EDT) but keep in mind I do have to go to work eventually ;).

During streaming I’ll be visiting various location around the server and would like to invite players to talk to me about what they’re doing and things they’ve found about mods; I’ll be in our Mumble channel and hopefully will have XSplit grabbing the audio (we had an issue with this before… I think ScottyD figured it out). Highlights will eventually make their way into a “Let’s Play” on YouTube as well as features on the site.

Oh yeah, eventually I want to fix this layout on the site. It’s functional… but so form built….

EDIT – Twitch channel is here ( Evidently I have two accounts, one for Justin and one for Twitch ::boggle::.

EDIT x 2 – Pushing back to 3pm.

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