Update Incoming

Message of the Day has been updated on the server; the Twilight Forest will be reset tonight and The End/The Nether will update Thursday-ish when 0.81 drops. The last remaining issues (that we can see) appear to have been addressed and it has been submitted to the FTB team for upload to the launcher.

As always, please wait until we post (here or via the server info) that we’re on 0.81 before updating.

Barring any critical issues/bugs, this will be our last 1.5.2 update. At this point we’re waiting on a major mod to update (we may have to take matters into our own hands for that one).


  • Mass Fabricators act strangely with scrap; this mostly appears in console.
  • All Chisel blocks may reset themselves to new patterns; the author updated how the stairs behaved (they now act like vanilla stairs i.e. they properly align upside-down as well as make corners).

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