What is up with 0.81? And Other Fixes?! 2

So…. obviously we are now very much overdue for 0.81. Unfortunately, REAL LIFE reared it’s ugly head and delayed release. Of course, a release delay would not be complete without some glaring technical issues that didn’t exist before but for some reason do now…

  1. Modular Power Suits Addon is throwing a non-fatal exception; not sure if this is due to a java update or what. It doesn’t appear to break the game (wouldn’t even notice it if I didn’t have a log parser screaming at me with java errors).
  2. Either Modular Power Suits Addon or Minefactory Reloaded is throwing a non-fatal Array Out of Bounds error for copperWire; worse part is the method failing has nothing to do with mods we have installed! (It’s an error for Universal Electricity). It does not appear to impact gameplay. (appears to be an existing bug I’m just catching in the debug filter… has no impact on gameplay and has existed for 3 versions. Derp).
  3. Minefactory Reloaded is throwing a non-fatal exception (function not found) while adding Grindables to it’s own ore dictionary; honestly, I don’t know who is using MFR to grind ore so I’m not sweating it (I think this one is either IC2 or GregTech related).
  4. OpenPeripherals is not creating it’s scripts on first load (seems isolated to the latest 1.5.2 version, fixed in 1.6.2 which we’re not using yet).

So, that’s the bad news and because of it we’re dealyed another week (they could be errors we shouldn’t worry about… but we do). On the plus side, this gives us time to rejigger some other stuff such as…

  1. OpenCCSensors has been removed; almost all it’s functionality and then some has been folded into OpenPeripherals.
  2. OpenBlocks has been added (with graves/ghosts disabled). Adds yet more liquid storage as well as some neat toys (hang glider!).
  3. Ender Storage has made a reappearance. We may yet live to regret this, but it’s back.
  4. Chisel has been updated to add yet more patterns and improved stairs (they now act like vanilla stairs for placement, including upside-down and corners). The bad side of this is all chisel stairs will have to be placed again :P.

Finally, Warded Stone should work correctly now. Admins will have to remove any placed in the last week or so, but any blocks placed from here on out should be removable (this was caused by a fix MCPC did for IC2 cable that accidentally went rampant and effected all block place events, so Warded Stone was not getting assigned an owner).

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