Just Teasing the Back 5

Imma leave this here… because I love doing stuff like that 🙂


We haven’t forgotten about Donor benefits… right now you guys and gals only have “useful” stuff, like steel tools and sign colors. Capes are coming! Design is definitely not final yet (I’m just playing around with this one, seeing if I can break up the solid color dead space a bit. Here’s our “outline” for rolling these bad boys out…

  1. Donors will receive capes first. Cape will have their name, the word “DONOR”, and either a witty/funny/insightful quote or art. Donors are encouraged to submit these, otherwise we’ll pick them… and we’re evil.
  2. Civil projects workers will receive capes that show off what they’ve helped with (i.e. stylized railroad tracks for the rail system, city outline for city building, etc). Workers who are donors will have their work insignia added to their cape (we’ll figure it out).
  3. Newbies and Regulars…. sorry, you don’t get a cape. The only way to get one is to either contribute to our monthly server cost or help with the community projects.

Small note: It is the admin discretion what is considered a community project as well as who has put enough work in to warrant a cape for it. Arguing with us will result in a lolcat cape.

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