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It is with a not so heavy heart that we are announcing we are going to be removing GregTech. The author’s attitude towards other mod authors as well as users who do not 100% agree with the way his mod works has really left a sour taste in our mouth… so we will no longer be using his mod in our pack. This post will contain a quick FAQ about what this means…

What will be removed?

All GregTech items/ores which includes fusion reactors, automatic machines, and the various nether/end ores (note that there are 2 nether ores added by Tinker’s Construct that will not go away).

When will this happen?

Over the course of 2 versions (0.8 and 0.81), so about 2 to 3 weeks;

  • 0.8 will restore many IC2 recipes to the game, including the default machines (currently their recipes give the GT variant). While 0.8 is live, there will be several mailboxes setup so players can exchange their automatic machines for the vanilla IC2 variant; we will post a full mailbox/exchange list before 0.8 goes live. Items that have no “equivalent” will be reimbursed on a case-by-case basis by admins. We also recommend players remove things they care about from the Nether and The End at this time.
  • 0.81 will remove GregTech from our mod list, at which time all GregTech items will go *POOF*. No reimbursement will be available for them after this because we can’t track them and players will have had some time to do what is necessary to replace/get reimbursed. The Nether and The End will be reset at this time as well since removing GregTech is going to leave great big gaping holes in both dimensions; please note that due to the scale of this reset any dimensional anchors/chunk loaders may need to be checked afterwards (even if they are in the Overworld/Age 4).

0.8 may drop this week, however, this will take some time to do right so it may be longer. Also note that we may leave 0.8 up for an extra week if that’s what players need to get their stuff in order.
0.81 will most probably be the last 1.5.2 release of our pack, at which point we hope the new FTB launcher will be available as well as most mods for 1.6 (I have a spreadsheet around here somwhere with the status of most… I’ll edit this late. -Coder).

Why is this happening?

GregoriusT (the author and maintainer of GregTech) has basically shown himself to be a collicky and spoiled brat. While we appreciate some changes his mod makes, some we do not agree with and like to be able to toggle on/off (like many mods allow); he does not agree with this point. The greater issue is some other mod authors feel the same way and have taken steps to allow this, at which point he decided to make it so his mod purposefully crashed the game (after immense pressure, he changed this behavior). This is totally unacceptable to us, and furthermore, he actions/statements since have made supporting him via his mod a very hard pill to swallow. Rather than further subject ourselves and users to his attitude, the mod is being removed.

Yes, we do get some of the irony since we support Forestry even after the stunt SirSengir pulled (where the mod would crash the game if it detected it was installed with Tekkit/Technic) however that we feel is a different issue (at the time, SirSengir expressed he simply wished to be asked for permission, something the Tekkit/Technic team refused to do… he took steps) since this is a mod author railing against the user base/other authors versus railing against mod pack creators who are explicitly ignoring his wishes.

Removed Item/Exchange List

Coming Soon

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3 thoughts on “GregTech

  • WW

    Thanks Coder. Sounds similar to the Better than Wolves progression. I was a HUGE fan of BTW until the developer’s attitude ran rampant (some things I understood, others were just a reflection of his personality and sucked the fun out of the mod).