Launcher Issues

EDITED (again) – If you are having trouble updating to 0.7, try forcing the launcher to use the England 1 repo (Options -> Advanced -> Download Location). That repo is the “source” and appears to have the correct information.

Evidently, while 0.7 is up some of the XML data is missing (specifically, the MD5 checksum) which causes some headaches for the launcher (it will either “download” 0.7 and not install it so you end up running 0.6 instead -or- if you do a fresh install you will end up with Vanilla MC). Unfortunately, we’re at the mercy of the speed of Creeperhost’s file caching and can’t do anything to speed this process along.

A stop-gap solution is to download the build I submit to FTB (here). Inside the zip file is a folder called “minecraft’, and inside of that are 3 folders (config, coremods, mods). Open up where FTB stores the FrogTEK install (you can usually find it by clicking “Edit mods” in the launcher, then “View Folder”). Delete the config/coremods/mods folders and copy the ones from the zip file in their place. You will lose your keybind for powersuits (not sure how to keep them… haven’t used them).

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