Issues and Where We Stand 1

IC2 Energy Storage not charging.
Fixed in 0.6 (we had to roll back to 1.116.377 for some reason… looks like energy storage units are being “attached” to the enet too early, then not being attached because IC2 already tried to attach them… yeah….)

Steve’s Carts 2 woodcutter won’t plant saplings.
Fixed; for some reason, the woodcutter was calling a different fake player ([[Minecraft]])) than the rest of the mod. Gave the new guy permissions, works now.

There is no mining age/nexus.
Whoops. We’ll fix that tonight-ish. Seriously, slow down and enjoy the new stuff… 😉

I’ll add more to this as we find out. In other news, 0.6 is currently going through SMP testing and we hope to have it ready for release by tomorrow or Wednesday so we can get it into Thursday’s upload (which means we’ll see it Friday :P). If you want to play with 0.6, it available here (same install as the 0.5 beta). If there’s enough demand, I’ll make a patch similar to what we did for 0.4 to 0.5.

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One thought on “Issues and Where We Stand

  • Clint Johnson

    Awesome stuff Coder! We’ve had a blast playing. Sandi will be super stoked to hear Steve’s Carts is running! As for mining age, I’m still messing around with a mining turtle and just checking out all the cool stuff like throwing knives and other nifty gadgets. It’ll probably be a while before I delve into the big excavation stuff 🙂