The Waiting Game Sucks 18

… Let’s play torture the user base instead!

Partial map render of new world

Partial map render of new world

Somethings to note there… the white squiggles are clouds. Actual clouds made of blocks that can be mined/obtained very very very high above the world. The other is the gray straight lines; those are rail lines we’ve run (well, 99.99% Encryptic who said, and I quote, “Shoot me if I ever think this is a good idea again.”). We do plan to have a working rail system with locomotives and tickets and everything… but it may not be completely ready by the time we roll to live. Which brings me to my other piece of news…

The pack goes LIVE today when FTB Launcher updates the version to 0.5.

There are a few important fixes/tweaks in 0.5 we want to get out before we go live (most notably, the fact I got NEI to behave finally and there’s now a microblock for almost everything… unfortunately, it kills NEI to list them all so it’s a trial-and-error process to find them). When I get a chance (probably this weekend), I’ll post the list of blocks that have microblocks up (it’ll get it’s own page). As a friendly reminder, I keep a change log for the mod pack as well as a FAQ and (incomplete) credits list to the right under the heading “FrogTEK Mod Pack”.

More teasing teaser images teased after this teasingly adrupt break ;).

This water is healing; unlike the black stuff. Don't swim in the black water.

This water is healing; unlike the black stuff. Don’t swim in the black water.

Pillars and smeltry and sunflower... oh, and some berry bushes!

Pillars and smeltry and sunflower… oh, and some berry bushes!

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18 thoughts on “The Waiting Game Sucks

    • CoderJ Post author

      You can add a minimap to the client yourself if you want, we just can’t support it ;).

      That said, we might do an initial render of the minimap, then host it somewhere on the site. It kind of kills the dynamic part of “dynmap” but as people start developing more complicated bases we have to make sacrifices somewhere… and I chose the map the last few iterations of the server.

  • Clint Johnson

    Looks pretty slick! The heathens (Sandi’s and my kids) and I have played a little bit offline too – the modpack has a lot of fun stuff.

    • CoderJ Post author

      I’ll be honest… we had a blast with it on the development server. 🙂 It’s slightly bigger than I planned on, but some of the mods are very lightweight (NEI Plugins for Forestry, NEI Addons, Chargepads, Switches, etc) so it’s not as resource intensive as I thought it would be (I was playing the Happy Diggers AMP pack earlier… that requires a 512mb PermGen. Insane.

        • CoderJ Post author

          To be honest, dev server was open to admin only with special exception to one guest so he could learn/promote the server and maybe do a new Let’s Play series ;).

  • CoderJ Post author

    I REALLY hate the waiting game. I may upload the server files (well, they’re already up, just waiting for change over) so when the updated version pushes out we’re ready…. we’ll see.

  • Courtney White

    Exciting! I’ve learned my lesson this time, so it’s machinery first, fancy house second. Dirt hut here I come 😉