Happy Independence Day and N’13 3

We hope everyone has had a safe and fun holiday weekend (especially those at N1’3, where it looked like it was going to become The Shining for a bit ^_^ ).

Version 0.5 preview is now available via my Dropbox (link is in the previous post). There was not FTB pack update upload this week, so we may be delayed until Thursday. Not to worry, the admins not at N’13 are working hard to make sure this world launch goes super smooth…

Finally, thanks to those members currently at N’13 who are promoting the server. We appreciate it :).

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3 thoughts on “Happy Independence Day and N’13

  • Sandi

    So….early Thursday or late Thurs? 😉 I have to fly to Chicago at noon Thurs and was hoping to stake out a spot real quick. I don’t feel like hauling the laptop with me on this trip. Ah well, I’ll find a spot later! I’m excited for the new world and to test out some more of the cool stuff in this pack!

    • CoderJ Post author

      I’m not sure…. I think the upload starts Thursday morning GMT, so pack SHOULD be updated by your early Thursday. As soon as the New York mirror has it I will be rolling it onto live. I should know more tomorrow.