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We are aware the server is currently having issues… we’re trying our best to resolve these performance issues without disabling or restricting more mods. At the moment we ask that everyone go around their various projects/factories and disable things that are not needed as well as limit chunk loaders; I’m working with a profiling tool now to see where are our biggest drains are and what we can do about it.

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4 thoughts on “Lag!

  • Bill Sellers

    I think I caused a big lag spike last night. I used my TF portal to visit the new TF. It took quite a while to load, and once I was in TF, I was at the world’s edge and there was no return portal. I did a /home, destroyed my portal in the overword. I went a short distance away and created a new TF portal, and it took me to the same spot on the world’s edge with no return portal. I ranged out a ways, but ran into an area where a chunk wasn’t generating/loading. I will stay out of TF for the time being until I get an all-clear from admins. 🙂



    • CoderJ Post author

      Sounds like because of the much smaller world border imposed on TF, people port into it outside the border (which causes worldgen), then get ported to the closest spot inside the border. This depends on where you are in the Overworld (I don’t think it’s a 1:1 on coordinates to port into the TF, but not sure how the ratio works… may be similar to the Nether). After the first attempt, the initial port in area will be generated so you should be fine. We’ll see if we can fix this in subsequent iterations

  • Eternal_Honda

    Something odd iv noticed in the last 24 hours…my new spawner farm i made, when the server reset thurs (4a) it deleted my levers on the spawners, and it also removed all signs on the wall, and messed up the boiler, right above it is my tree farm and one side of my item tesseract bugged out…i fixed the tess but not sure what to do about spawners. I just confirmed it when the server reset 30mins ago, did the same thing.

    • CoderJ Post author

      Is the area force loaded by chance? You may need to break the chunk loader and replace it… some of them are acting a little funky since I changed the way the server handles them.