Resets are Done; Other Changes

A new mining age has been made and Twilight Forest has been reset; both areas now have a world border to prevent excessive world gen (both were accounting for about 75+% of our disk usage… not good). Additionally, in the interest of science (performance) players are limited how many chunk ticket/chunks they are allowed to force load. Complete server update log after the break….

  • Twilight Forest now has a world border of 1km (round)
  • Mining Age (Age 10)  now has a world border of 750m (round)
  • Players are limited to 100 force loaded chunks
  • Chunk Loaders have a maximum effective of 81m (9 x 9).
  • Players can now have a maximum of 10 chunk-load request tickets (each placed anchor/chunk loader uses 1 ticket… quarries and turtles are exempt and use their own ticket system).

Please note 100 chunks is the upper limit but is not a hard one, it is possible to get a bit more but we encourage you not to (hence the low ticket availability per player) as it places undue stress on the server. Please also note that finding ways to get more chunks that appears to be allowed is considered exploiting and will be dealt with appropriately. Hopefully, we can keep performance high so lowering the limits will not be necessary.

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