Mining Age and Twilight Forest Reset Incoming (and a not so subtle reminder)

These two ages will be reset on Sunday. The new Mining Age will be made available on Friday for work, which should give everyone the weekend to get their stuff either packed up or moved over. If you need more time or don’t think you’ll be able to get stuff moved let an admin know and we will help you.

Speaking of letting admins know, this is a subtle reminder that we have banned/restricted usage on items and that bypassing our system for this is considered exploiting and will be dealt with accordingly. Unless you are asked by an Admin to try something, don’t “experiment”. If something is not working right or is acting other than it is obviously intended to stop using it and let us know. There is this website (with comments and forums), Steam (which has offline messaging), and in-game mail (/mail send <receiver> <message>) so it is possible to get a hold of us almost all the time (sometimes we’re asleep or at work or at school, so there can be a couple of hours turnaround at times).

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