Server Update

The server backend has been updated to MCPC Legacy 66… this shouldn’t mean anything to most people except the admins. Hopefully this fixes up some memory leaks we were having, however, there is still an issue with quarries resetting after the nightly restart.

I’ve also tweaked how the Java garbage collector is running… hopefully this will resolve the odd crash we have every other day or so when Java goes out of memory and the garbage collector derps; unfortunately, this will probably result in higher CPU usage but it should make us a bit more stable so it’s a trade-off I’m willing to make if it works out (to be honest, I’m tired of waking up and getting messages the server is down… not unappreciative of the heads up as I can’t keep an eye on things while sleeping but sucks that it happens).

As always, if you see any oddness please let us know ASAP so we can either address it or send a bug report to the MCPC crew.

EDIT – So… I derped; set an option on the JVM which caused the Minecraft server process to¬†eat the admin backend, which then caused the server to die. Removed that setting, tweaked some others… looking good so far (CPU still spikes a bit, but much lower and for world loading/unloading… RAM appears more sane).

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