Farewell to Ender Storage 2

Ender Storage mod as been removed; this means no more Ender Chests and Ender Tanks. This is because someone put down an Ender Tank and I can’t locate it.

The alternative was a map reset… I didn’t want to do that.

EDIT –¬†sigh¬†Another crash. Please don’t hook GregTech machines to BuildCraft power (MJ / Conductive pipes). GregTech doesn’t like it,

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2 thoughts on “Farewell to Ender Storage

  • gacorley

    Is there not a way to ban Ender Tanks specifically.

    (Also, I really don’t see the usefulness of Ender Tanks on multiplayer, since they apparently can’t be made player-specific.)

  • CoderJ Post author

    i tried with Tekkit Customizer, however, it obviously didn’t work.

    It does has usefulness as a cheap tesserac alternative and they can be made ‘personal’ with a diamond.just like Ender Chests (click on the valve). Still… they’re gone.

    Rivenlight has been reimbursing anyone who had Ender Chests.