Outstanding Issues and Changes

Changes first….


  • Rules, Ranks, and FAQ are now visible on the website. Please be sure to read them when you get a chance.
  • The computer core in the sunken test chamber now displays exit information as well as FrogTEK rules. The exit is also more visible now.
  • The Inn now has copies of the rule book and a coloring book on the shelves; please only take one but don’t worry, the shelves restock themselves.
  • Crystal will soon be available from the Admin (no mail order for this one, sorry). Price is not determined yet (probably 1 gold per 1 block, though).


  • Redstone Conduits (Thermal Expansion) are breaking near and along chunk boundaries; appears to occur after restart. GitHub issue submitted (#936).
  • Iron Tanks break and forget their contents; appears to occur after restart. Outstanding GitHub issue already (#816)
  • StevesCarts carts (is there a proper plural for this?) sometimes disappear after restart; this is caused by the cart loading before the chunk and falling into the void. Appears fixed with a Chunk Loader, but GitHub issue already outstanding (can’t find it at the moment).
  • Website has been down/slow. Our web host has spent the past 48 hours under severe attack by those who are attempting to brute force WordPress login pages; this causes the MySQL server (database) to crash as well as issues for Apache. They are aggressively working to repair all damage as well as mitigate effects of future attacks.

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