Once again into the breach! 1

Welcome to the future! Our Modded Minecraft server is back up! This time we are running Feed The Beast, a more up to date modpack.  If you would like to play with us you can ask to be whitelisted on our fourms. To be whitelisted you need to be a member of the Frogpants community (there will be a quiz) OR a member in good standing AND of Regular rank or higher on the Final Score Minecraft server.

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One thought on “Once again into the breach!

  • CoderJ

    I don’t have posting rights yet, so here’s an update on what’s going on.

    First off, massive apologies for the sudden transition and the bumps we’ve been hitting. One of the key differences between Feed the Beast and version of Tekkit we were running is the server software; Tekkit ran off a modified Bukkit server while FTB is a modified ‘vanilla’ server. This means there are some hard limitations we’re hitting into as we go along, including getting some world protection in as well as permissions system and other doodads we’ve come to love. FTB also uses more resources than the old Tekkit server, so as we’re going along you’ll see a lot of tweaking to performance… feel free to scream bloody murder when something breaks as it’s the only way I’ll know.

    Currently we’re using TickThreading modification along with aPerf and PEX; these boost performance of the server massively, but we’re seeing a lot of issues as well so there is a chance we may remove them. If we do, there is potential we may have to lower the allowed ‘forced’ chunks people have (as in, the area you keep loaded via Chunk Loaders). This would help the server a lot as well as avoiding setting up conditions that can negatively impact performance (pipe loops that keep items bottled up, quicker-than-.8s timers, etc).

    On a much lighter note, I am in the process of setting up Trade Stations so players can obtain items/blocks that are either super rare or have not spawned (they were added after we generated the world). These work by building yourself a mailbox and sending a letter with the appropriate stamp + trade items; the trade station then automagically sends back what you ask for. e.g. – Encryptic wants an Obsidian Totem so he mails a letter with a 2n stamp (1n for letter, 1n for each attachment) and 1 emerald to “Totems”; the trade station named “Totems” takes his emerald and mails back an Obsidian Totem.

    Cool beans, eh?