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New IP is (DNS is propagating slowly).
Reminder: We have an IRC channel – irc.thinstack.net #FrogTEK (links to in-game chat)
EDIT – Derp, forgot to mention, we are forcing release 1.0.2 at this time (select it from the version drop down).

Day XXX: It seems like days ago the experiment ended in failure, but the truth is it was only yesterday. Our research into the transdimensional properties of Ender Tanks, research that promised to open a new world of possibilities for the future of FrogTEK, reached a catastrophic end. It seems Steve-kind is not meant to delve too deep into the mysteries of The End and, unfortunately, our world paid the price. The Administrative Team and our assistant survived the implosion of the world and our subsequent crash into a new one. We’ve left the experiment chamber buried in the ocean and established a small inn on the shore nearby… hopefully other survivors can make their way to us soon…

I fear our research into Ender Tanks has thus rendered them too unstable now for widespread use… we have taken measures to prevent their creation so as to avoid another cataclysm  However, it has not been for nothing, as we now have the ability to grant “kits” to our friends and co-workers so they can help build a better today as well as re-established the “home” system of old so that we can all move around the world faster. Time will tell how far we get, but we must always be wary of the next breakthrough; we have proven beyond a doubt our world is more fragile than it appears.

We’re back! Whitelist is off now and most members should have their ranks restored (if you do not or if you have been put in the wrong group, let us know ASAP). The following changes have been made (click “Read More”).

General Server Changes
  • We have switched to Essentials
    • /sethome and /home are now available.
    • /spawn will bring you to the ‘default’ spawn for your rank (for visitors, this is the undersea test chamber… everyone else should go to the Inn).
    • /kits is now available; Visitor kit is a one time gift of 6 honeyed slice. Other kits are detailed in Ranks.
    • Mail system is back. /mail (Visitors can only read; everyone else can send/receive).
  • Some items are now restricted by rank. I’ll get a more complete list out later.
  • PowerSuits now use the Thermal Expansion version of their recipes; vanilla recipes way too OP.
  • PowerSuits has been tweaked to increase railgun power usage.
  • Ender Tanks have been restricted (causes server crashes)
  • XyCraft Valves have been restricted (cause server crashes and chunk corruption)
Rank Changes
  • Initial guests will be given the Visitor kit (6 Honeyed Slice) and spawn in the undersea test chamber; eventually welcome message and rules will be displayed there. Portal leads to the Inn. Visitors have no build rights, but Inn uses pressure plates for doors.
  • New temporary rank, “Newbies”, created. Newly promoted Visitors will be given this rank until they prove they are trust worthy; they are not able to place/use Thaumcraft mining/attack items, Fillers, Nuclear Reactors, Fillers, Quarries, Turtles, or Wrath Lighters. A warning message will pop up if use/crafting is attempted (some items may be crafted as they are needed to make others, though) and attempts are logged. Kit associated (“/kit newbie”) has full stone tool set, golden shovel (for land claim), 10 honeyed slice, and some seeds… it may be claimed once every 7 days.
  • “Regular” rank can place almost all restricted items (except Ender Tank, Book Binder, and XyCraft Valve). They also have access to their kit (“/kit regular”) which contains a full iron tool set plus melon seeds; they also have access to the newbie kit… same claim restriction is in effect (once every 7 days).
  • “Donors” can place colored signs and have access to their kit (“/kit donor”) which contains a full steel tool set plus Jelly Babies; they also have access to all lower rank kits. Donors may also place the Rainmaker (for turning off rain storms).

Just a heads up that this server move signals our hope to open it up to more people; we will be more aggressive with rules (exploits/duping/griefing) and also ask that all members please keep in mind that while some machines/factories look great in single player it can take a toll on the server with multiple people on it. It may be at our discretion that we ask that some things either be toned down or “switched” so they are not always on.

If NEI is giving issue with the recipes for some items (GregTech, PowerSuits, etc), try using this config folder (copied from the server); just unzip and replace your existing config folder.

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