Server Move Progress 4

TL;DR – Old server is down until further notice. New server will be up, but may not be ‘open’ until tomorrow. Sorry.

I am very actively in the process of changing our host right now; I have the new hosting in place and I’m in middle of configuring it (this one is a little more in-depth as it’s not managed by a gaming/minecraft hosting company, so I have to put in place the back end for server administration as well as the pretty server stuff we all enjoy).

I’ll also get rid of the bad news now and apologize profusely… we will be losing the map. There’s unfortunately no two ways about it as I need to “force” us to the next version of Ultimate (1.0.2) in order to resolve some more issues we’re having but this in turn renders some stuff that’s been placed either corrupt or server-crashing (not to mention I believe we have world corruption already somewhere that I can’t find… it rears it’s head now and then). I’ll be implementing “Welcome” kits as well as finally making the ranks do something (more info will be posted when it’s done this time).

All going well the new server IP will be posted in a few hours. *Crosses fingers*

EDIT – And… I did a bad thing. Unfortunately, as is bound to happen while working in multiple windows I thought I was working on the new server instead of the old one… and deleted some stuff I shouldn’t of. So…. old server is closed sooner than anticipated. No new IP yet, we may be down until tomorrow.

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4 thoughts on “Server Move Progress

  • gacorley

    Sad to lose all the progress, but the chance to start over might be a good thing anyway. This time I’ll be smart enough not to put my first base on top of a damn glacier.

  • Racknar

    That’s really sad, but I look forward to doing everything bigger and better. Any further news on the new server?