IRC and More

We now have IRC integration on the server. This means chat as well as disconects/joins and deaths will show up in our IRC channel as well as chat in the IRC channel! As Direwolf20 would say, “How cool is that.”

I hear you going, “What?! We have an IRC channel?” Yes, of course we do… well, we do now. Our channel is #FrogTEK on In case you’re curious, #Frogpants is also on Thinstack… not a┬ácoincidence. Now you can join #Frogpants during live streams to chat with Scott Johnson and his cohosts as well as chill with us. We’ll try to maintain an admin presence in IRC so that way we can more quickly respond to issue (IRC is a lot easier to run on phones than FTB).

In other news, the admins have to hash some details to hash out but we will be changing hosts very soon as well as unveiling some new stuff. That’s all I got for now.

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