Ultimate Pack Upgrade

TL;DR – Ultimate Pack is updating, we’re dropping ChickenChunks. Players have the weekend to make new ones/swap out to World Anchors (blocks will go poof on Tuesday April 23rd).

Finally! Ultimate Pack is getting an upgrade this Thursday (April 18th) (most probably the last one until FTB goes to 1.5… however, a recent news post by Slowpoke shows that may not happen). We will go live with the pack almost as soon as it drops. The changes are after the break, but first an important note….

We are going to be dropping ChickenChunks. Unfortunately, this mod is not working the way it is supposed to… in either the “vanilla” Forge environment nor MCPC+ (which is what we use). This means the blocks named “Chunk Loader”and “Spot Loader” will no longer be in game… tentatively  this is going to happen next Tuesday (to give everyone the weekend to switch to World Anchors). World Anchors use fuel, it is Ender Pearls. We’re not turning that off (EE3 makes Ender Pearls from gold, also, if anyone has killed the End Dragon it should be easy to farm for more).Okay, here are the changes in Feed the Beast Ultimate 1.0.2…

Secret Rooms
One Way blocks no longer vulnerable to fire; One Way blocks placement no longer causes crashes; various crash fixes and world -corruption fixed.

Adds air pocket over the spawn platform; various infinite/improper drop fixes; adds Oil symbol; lots of mechanics fixes (seriously, it’s a lot… read ’em here).

Don’t get attached, it’s going away.

Wireless Redstone
Fixed crash when using REP’s.

Adds Solar Furnace (replaces Turbine); There’s no change log so got me.

Modular Power Suits
Adds railgun, kinetic generator, and solar panel; Other changes but no change log.

Advanced Solar Panels
Adds 3 new Solar Helmets (Advanced Solar Helmet, Hybrid Solar Helmet, and Ultimate Solar Helmet); Added visual indication that Quantum Generator is working (admin item, so most players won’t notice); Fixed bugs with solar panels emitting energy if EU loss is > 5 on cable and visual effect with shift-click in charging slots

Adds NanoChestPlate (contains all specs of Nano Body Armor with integrated Advanced Electric Jetpack, 1m EU storage, and charges electric tools; Chargable in  MFE/MFSU and with Charging Pads); Upgraded GraviTool (works similar to Omniwrench, adds Screwdriver snap); Rebalanced Advanced Diamond Drill and Advanced Chainsaw (now faster!); Migrate Ultimate Solar Helemt to Advanced Solar Panels addon; Added Forge Ore Dictionary support; misc minor imporvements.

Removed recipe for Mechanical Pig.

Added Obsidian Chests

Fixed bug that allowed armor stand to delete the block above the base; Updated to Forge method of displaying armor textures

MineFactory Reloaded
I can’t find the change log… I’m sure there’s one.

Nerfed Matter Fabricator to a maximum of 8192EU/t unless regular IC2 Mass Fab is enabled; Fixed the Energy Bar on the Fusion Reactor; Made the Centrifuge a MetaTileEntity

Fix for Forestry recipes in NEI

And… it’s since been cycled off the website in favor of 1.5 changes.

Thaumic Bees
Made Greatwood and Silverwood planks fireproof; added nuggets for metal; added diamond and emerald shards; 15 new bees; New frame type (found in strongholds); Thaumic Grafter now doubles chance to get Greatwood + Silverwood saplings but takes extra damage from those leaves; Extra “enhancements”.

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