Important: Dimensional Restart and Maintenance Incoming!

This is notice that we will be resetting all dimensions on Thursday (4/11/2013) during planned maintenance. This includes the Nether, The End, Twilight Forest, and Digsite Alpha. If there is anything in those dimensions you do not want to lose you are advised to get it pulled back into the over world ASAP. There will be no reimbursement for items lost (this announcement will be broadcast in game every 30m from now until Thursday) except in extreme cases at Admin discretion (and those guys are mean).

We will probably be down for 1 hour or so and there is a good chance ChickenChunks may have to be temporarily removed… this means all chunk loaders and spot loaders will simply cease to exist.

After we come back, there is a good chance the server IP may change… it will be posted here until DNS can catch up.

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