Status Update 1

Been a bit since I’ve posted (my laptop got put back together on Monday… temps are better now, so I’m wondering if I lost the GPU due to a bad application of thermal compound… I may take it back apart to do the CPU but this is all an unnecessarily long aside… what was I doing again…) so here’s a quick update on what’s going on:

  • Server is still feeling some growing pains. Trouble ticket has been submitted for some of the issues relating back to the host (I very strongly disagree with a backup occurring during our prime time… it has caused 2 very hard crashes that we spent most of the last 24 hours fixing) and some of the other stuff we’re dealing with as well as we can.
  • GriefPrevention is staying around… please stop asking us to have it removed. We did turn off the water bucket thing, so there’s that.
  • XyCraft tanks are bugged; don’t use them for anything you want to run while you’re not around (*cough* boilers *cough*). Usually if you right-click a valve the tank will pop back into existence with fluids intact.
  • MystCraft Binder and Descriptive Book creation have been turned back off… it really taxes the server to load more than one world, and we keep 4 active (Overworld, Nether, Twilight Forest, and Age 38 “Digsite Alpha”… The End loads but usually gets unloaded due to no one being there). If we need to open more ages for digging and what not, we will create them as needed. Also, on that note, keep in mind Age 38 is not ‘permanent’; don’t build a house or anything you want to keep there and try to get your stuff clear as soon as you’re done digging. We’ll give notice before it collapses upon itself from over-mining… but you’ve been warned not to build a house there ;).
  • Fillers for some reason are not working right at all… the clear function works but that’s about it… the MCPC devs have been pinged but they’re working on 1.5 to be honest.
  • Shops are coming… real ones, not the mail order stuff. Emeralds will be our currency (although we may include some of the other gems that are hard to find and can’t be manufactured).

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