FrogTEK v1.4 Mod List 6

Hey everyone, sorry for the additional delay but here is the mod list for 1.4! I’ve put a quick blurb by some things where I felt needed and also listed mods that were dropped and why after.

Edited 8/17/2017 @ 11:07 AM – Added Big Reactors, Refined Storage is now a Maybe.

Mods in the Pack

Actually Additions – This has been a fun mod with magical technology. Canola Oil processing plants can impact FPS but we may be able to tweak that.
AutoRegLib – It’s a dependency needed for Quark and Psi.
B.A.S.E – Dependency and allows easy creation of ingots, dusts, gears, and plates via MineTweaker.
Baubles – So we can where pretty magical things that look good.
BetterFps – Requested and appears to work, may help players with lower end machines
Big Reactors – Need a nuclear reactor? No? Too bad. Handy for those 1mRF/tick dimensions.
Biomes O’Plenty – Because some people like living in hard clay mountains while others enjoy mesas surrounded by waterfalls and crags.
Bookshelf – Dependency, allows easy mod book creation
Botania – Advanceed horticultural skill will lead to flowers that eat cake and poop magic. Can’t explain it.
Brandon’s Core – Needed for Draconic Evolution
Chameleon – Dependency, aids with mod block rendering
Chisel – An old favorite that reskins existing building blocks with connectable textures and adds some new blocks in for theme building.
Clumps – Clumps together XP so the server doesn’t die a lag death (due to XP everywhere)
CodeChicken Lib 1.8+ – Dependency for ChickenBones mods
CoFH Core – Dependency for CoFH mods
CompatLayer – Eases mod porting between 1.10 and 1.11
ConnectedTexturesMod – Dependency for allowing mods to have connected textures (textures that connect between blocks)
Cooking for Blockheads – Fridges, counters, sinks, and more. For fun cooking.
CraftTweaker – Continuation of MineTweaker, allows mod pack creators to script block/item recipes as needed (we use it for saddles and incompatible recipes)
Custom Main Menu – So we can show off that beautiful art by Clint Johnson!
D3Core – Dependency used in LumberJack. Also lets us tame those Endermen a little.
Dark Utilities –  Conveyors, ender hoppers, and other fun blocks/items useful for some grinders/contraptions.
DecoCraft 2 – Tables, chairs, bookshelves, display cabinets, and much much more. For those who love building homes.
Default Options – Allows mod pack creators to setup default options for the Minecraft client (key mapping mostly)
Draconic Evolution – End game technology so powerful it is beyond magic.
Environmental Tech – End game technology that is very much technology.
Extra Utilities – Angel Rings. Oh, and the glass and other fun items.
Fast Leaf Decay – We have better things to do than wait for fall. We want it now!
FTB Utilities – Allows us to setup roles, allow teams, chunk claiming, chunk loading, and have rules/guide easily accessible.
FTBLib – Needed for that last thing.
GraveStone Mod – So tired of dead players leaving their stuff everywhere. We’ll pack it all in a grave for them. For later.
HWYLA – Hey What You Looking At, successor to WAILA (What Am I Looking At)
Inventory Tweaks – Organize that cluttered inventory
Iron Chests – and Copper, Tin, Diamond, Obsidian, etc.
JourneyMap – So you can see where you’re going and where you’ve been. May be of limited use in Nether/Caves.
Just Enough Calculation – Craft a Crafting Calculator to calculate how many items you need to craft craftable objects after calculation.
Just Enough HarvestCraft – Enables compatibility between HarvestCraft and JEI.
Just Enough Items – Really, just enough. Not enough, really.
Just Enough Pattern Banners – Craft those awesome patterns some mods have added!
Just Enough Resources – Confused on where to find nickle, tin, and copper? Can’t figure out what drops that one item? Look here.
Light Level Overlay Reloaded – Actual light level numbers.
Lumberjack – We do care, so we gave you some axes to cut down a complete tree or forest.
McJtyLib – Needed for RFTools
Morpheus – Sleep voting
Pam’s HarvestCraft – All the growing things!
Quark – Additional stones, underground grottoes, and crystal caves!
Ranged Pumps – They pump. At range.
Redstone Arsenal – Intermediate powered weapon carnage. We’re going to regret this.
Resource Loader – Allows us to bundle in-game resources without having to write more mods
RFTools – Elevators and other fun machines
RFTools Control – Control those industrial processes, such as canola oil making
RFTools Dimensions – See the multiverse, meet new exciting resources, die in a radioactive lake.
Roguelike Dungeons – Multiple floor dungeons of things that want to stab you.
Roots – Druidic magic, or harnessing the ethereal energy of nature for hermits.
Storage Drawers – Store all the things.
Thermal Expansion – Current phase of our universe. Also, energy generation and resource processing machines.
Thermal Foundation – Foundation for that other thing.
ValkyrieLib – Dependency. Can never remember for what.
WAILA Harvestability – Is that thing harvestable?
WAWLA – What Are We Looking At, or more options for HWYLA.

Mods Not in the Pack (Why?!?)

These are the mods that have not made the cut. I’ve divided them into three piles; Maybe (if we can make it work or players want it enough), No (No demand, doesn’t work, etc), and Nope! (Too many issues/past issues)

AbyssalCraftMaybe – Lovecraftian Horror parallel dimension? Yes please, but let’s make other things work first then judge play impact.
AE2 – Nope! – “We need to store more things than practical in Storage Drawers!” Sorry. The worst crashes we’ve had on the server were from this and related mods. The actual inventory/property loss by players affected by those crashes usually either trashed a day or two of work or all the work they put in since world start. Sorry, this one is off the table.
Big Reactors – Maybe – Low adoption and without AE2 there doesn’t seem to be a pressing need for this much energy. Open to reasons to keep it.
Blood MagicNo – Adoption of this mod always seemed very low; seems like the barrier to entry in it’s game play tree is just too high.
Chickens – Nope! – I don’t even know where to begin… the FPS lag alone with the heavy entity count. If they could be placed in coop blocks to control those issues (hmm, there’s an idea).
ComputerCraft – No – While the geekier tend to go nuts for these programmable blocks, little pay-off and too easy to cause lag/problems.
EnderIO – No – We can trace a lot of crashes back to EnderIO. We usually included it for the conduits (facade stuff is pretty awesome). Open to discussion but leaning towards heavy No.
Flat Colored Blocks – Nope! – To be honest, they looked pretty cool, but caused FPS issues.
Forestry – No – We like bees, butterflies, and the trees. We do not like the headaches caused by them. Sorry. This also cuts down the mod count as we tend not to have all the mods that mod Forestry.
Immersive Engineering – No – Fun, but seems very standalone and we have had server issues (massive lag) from the smaller factories made with it. Which is too bad, it’s a fun mod.
Natura – No – We actually haven’t included it the last few revisions. No one really noticed.
OpenComputers – No – Really, same reason as ComputerCraft. Fun but too easy to break the server.
Psi – No – Personally, I like this mod. I tend to be the only one.
Refined Storage – Maybe – ((I’m looking at it again. May also need my head looked at.)
Tinker’s Construct – No – Thought we would go a different route this time. TiC is fun and the tools range from good to way overpowered (especially early on), but we’ll try going with the CoFH range this time.

As I’ve said before, we’re open to mods and will openly discuss including/not including mods.

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6 thoughts on “FrogTEK v1.4 Mod List

  • Remmy

    I won’t comment on the included mods. Those seem totally fine. Thanks for keeping Botania, I really have begun to like that mod.

    Are there options for flight outside of the Angel Ring? I mean, I can walk I guess, but Geesh!

    Big Reactors: You should probably keep Big Reactors if you are going to keep RF Dimensions. Frankly some of the options there require a lot of power. If you are completely against the mod for other reasons, then let me know.
    Chickens: Way too laggy, and way too OP. Glad to see them go.
    Ender IO: I’ll be sorry to see Ender IO go, but with Thermal Expansion/Foundation we should be fine.
    Immersive Engineering: I don’t know what issues there were with Immersive, but most of the current builds have fixed the lag. I like it for power, early and mid game. I will confess though, that I usually don’t use the presses or conveyors, which may be part of the lag issues associated with this mod. Also, the Garden Cloche in this mod is a great, low impact farming option.
    Refined Storage: I’m sad to see Refined Storage gone. Too be honest, this may be a deal breaker for me. Without being able to automate certain things later on, I’m not sure what the draw will be. I know you have said that there have been issues, but I haven’t seen any on the other servers I play on. That may just be the builds we are running, but some of us have some pretty extensive setups, and they run smoothly. Again, you may be seeing things that I don’t and that is fine.
    Tinkers: Frankly, I’m glad to see Tinkers gone. I wasn’t a big fan, and always hated the necessity of it. I might miss the Hammer though…

    • CoderJ Post author

      Oh wow, I totally forgot about RF Dimensions energy needs. Yeah… we’ll bring Big Reactors back, then. Need at least one mass energy generation option aside from Draconic (the generator there is very end game, if it’s in… I haven’t gotten that far in solo play test).

      Let me re-examine Refined Storage. I’ll be honest, I dismissed it out of hand and out of disgust due to current problems (which may have been caused by other things, it’s hard to be certain).

      • Remmy

        Draconic reactor should be there, but it is definitely end game. Mass RF production, but scary if not setup right. As in, don’t setup anywhere near your base. Greater than nuke destruction if it explodes.

        AE2 killed our other server. I dont know why entirely, but we cut it early on due to lag and corruption issues. I’d be happy to do some testing if you need.

        • CoderJ Post author

          I changed the setting for the meltdown explosion; instead of 200 blocks-squared it’s more like 64. Still going to ruin your day, but not so bad.

  • Sandi

    I’m happy to see things are moving but very sad about Tinkers. I usually don’t make it to end-game because: life. I enjoyed Tinkers a lot. I guess vanilla tools for me now. 🙁

    • CoderJ Post author

      Thermal Expansion and Thermal Foundation are in the pack, so you’ll have copper/tin tools as well as the Actually Additions drill.

      You’ll be busy with DecoCraft anyway 😉