Roll Out Schedule and What You Need To Know

The server will go down on Friday, March 24th at 4:30 PM EDT.

When the server goes down, we will begin uploading the files to runĀ FrogTEK 1.0 (it feels strange to say 1.0 again after 3 years). We anticipate having the server back up, ready for play, by 6:30 PM EDT. At that time, the server will be open for everyone that wishes to connect. There will be a live stream on my Twitch, however, most of you will probably just want to get out there and play!


Yes, everyone. The server will not be a white list server (that really defeats the purpose of a public pack). That said, there will be roles on the server and some guidelines.


We’ll roll the roles out tomorrow for a role call. We’re going to return to the three tier player system we’ve used before (and worked). Titles may change, we’ll see. Permissions are not quite set (yet).

What about those guidelines?

To be honest, it’s the same rules we’ve been using however we will be enforcing them a bit more. We tend to be a little lax towards them (specifically, the build rules) and that did cause some issues this last go around. Administrators will be visiting builds more often to check them for potential problems and leaving notes; don’t take offense (please), we’re just trying to make sure this runs well for everyone!

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