Lag and Server Drops 2

I am working on what is causing the server to experience some lag and sometimes drop people (but still keep them in game). First blush is there are some mods that are simply not playing nice in the multiplayer environment, but we’ll see. Worst comes to worst, we’ll go back to a custom pack that’s slimmed down some for our use.

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2 thoughts on “Lag and Server Drops

  • Bill Sellers

    I read that IE wires might be the issue, so I took down all of mine. I also got rid of the AA worms, and moved all of my villagers to a remote bunker. 😉 I took down my Refined Storage system and put up an AE2 in its place. Still getting lag spikes and drops.

    • CoderJ Post author

      Yeah, I’ve tried different mods to see if any in particular are causing the lag… it appears to be more constant disk read/writes but I’m not 100% on it (even though our region weighs in at 3.2GB atm, it is 987 region files… that’s a lot and that’s without RF Dimensions). To be honest I ended up having to download a mirror copy of the world to my local computer (which includes a very nice Crucial SSD and i7 4790K) and still had trouble getting the server to stay stable enough to debug (I was able to grab some very inconclusive VisualVM snapshots…trying to delve into the data caused the server tick to hang multiple times).

      I am actively putting together a new pack; no promise on release or even beta atm as I have some other stuff that takes priority (ugh, RL). I have suspects as to what is causing that tick to be a rock, however, since I can’t prove it I’m not going to just start naming possible mods (spoiler: mod authors hate that).

      * Perspective – 1 Region is an area of 32 x 32 chunks, or 1024 total. Each chunk is an area of 16 x 256 x 16 blocks, or 65536 blocks each. This means a region is 67,108,864 blocks. Suffice to say that 3.2GB is not that high for the amount of regions we have.