And… BACK! With an update! 3

After 10 hours of working on the cause of the crash and fixing it, we’re back (total downtime was the better part of a day, sorry). Please please please please please be cautious when building out AE2 systems. Fixing crashes caused by AE2┬áis the equivalent of brain surgery with a steak knife. Yes, I can remove the tumor but that pesky pink squishy stuff is coming out too… and now you can only smell purple.

While I was working, we updated to 1.4.1 (beta). So there’s that.

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3 thoughts on “And… BACK! With an update!

    • CoderJ Post author

      It was an error with the AE2 energy net ticking over. The crash was caused by a vanilla entity crash (somehow a chicken spawned where it shouldn’t of, crash and chicken was gone) but somehow the restart caused a goofy AE2 update tick. I tried clearing the AE2 tick (no joy) and clearing various energy delivery methods that could be easily restored (tesseract channels) (no joy). In the end, I had to nuke all the AE2 controllers and energy acceptors in a 4 chunk area.

      So as to what exactly in AE2 caused the goofiness? Don’t know. After I finally identified the region/chunk causing the crash, I actually pulled a backup from 12 hours before the entity crash…. and still couldn’t get the game to stay up. Unfortunately, even with some mod support, MCEdit is a steak knife at best when fixing mod block problems.