Wake up… and SWITCH! 2

Wow, that was a hiatus! We’re back, we’re running Direwolf20 for 1.10.2 from the FTB Launcher (or Curse client, whichever you prefer). We are running release 1.0.0 until further notice (keep an eye on CoderJ’s twitter for updates if he decides to ease up on the reckless crazy to give people a heads up).

UPDATE: I’ve updated the Server FAQ and Mod Pack FAQ to reflect the current pack on the server. More information, pretty pictures, etc. will be added as I have time.

I’m debating going back to a self-maintained pack; I guess that depends if AT Launcher supports 1.10 (or maybe Curse is just easier? Have to look into that.)

Update 2: Hit Read More for Crazy Logic.

So, why are we still on v1.0.0 (considered beta) when 1.1.4 (considered release) is on the launcher? Two reasons: one, we’re still shaking a few things loose (and by that I mean I’ve forgotten to do the usual things I forget to do every flippin’ time) and easy update via TheSmelter isn’t available yet which is the more accurate reason. I’m going to be rather up-front (as usual); time is a commodity I have oversold to others. While the worth of my time is ever increasing (yay), that availability remains negative (boo) which means the ability to do “click-and-forget” updates is huge (when they work).

I may aim to throw 1.1.4 on the server at some point over the weekend. We still don’t know what mods may have been added/removed….

Why is this an update to the post instead of a new post?! Well, I’m saving a new post for informative game play stuff and new version news. Duh.

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2 thoughts on “Wake up… and SWITCH!

    • CoderJ Post author

      We’re not on the “latest”, they’ve issued a hot fix already and there is still one major issue outstanding (currently they are conflicting recipes to make graphite/creosote)