Introduction to Skyblock

So, first things first; I apologize for literally taking 2 days to do the equivalent of dropping a box of parts with no instructions with the current pack. That was not very nice of me and I can’t promise I won’t do it again. It’s kind of my thing.

Now that I have that out of the way, let’s cut into the meat of this post; starting out on FrogTEK – FTB Infinity Evolved Skyblock!

When one first logs into FrogTEK under the new mod pack, they’ll find themselves at spawn with a big fancy computer. The computer does not work because why would it! Ahem. So there are signs instructing players that each player has their own island, accessible via “/island join <your-name>”. There are a few important things to realize here:

  1. Islands, for whatever reason, are lowercase. Theoretically one should be able join using mixed case, but if that doesn’t work try your username in lowercase letters.
  2. Islands are not auto-magically created. That would be crazy-go-nuts. An admin has to run a command to generate an island for you (I thought about automating, but then we’d have to enforce a white list again)
  3. Anyone can teleport to your island. This is intentional so people may work together if they want to. That being said, if you are worried about your stuff please use the claim system FTB Utilities provides (from the Inventory screen, click the little map icon on the left). A video showing how to claim chunks as well as how to authorize other people to use your stuff is available here: FTB Utilities and FTB Tweaks Official Guide.
  4. If for some reason the “worst” happens (you burn down your island, fall off the map with almost everything, blow up your island, etc) the only course of action admin can take is to do a total reset of your data. This means you will start over again with a new island (depending on how evil we’re feeling, we may give out a booster pack but that varies from admin to admin and is at our discretion).

So, for those of you who may not have played skyblock maps before or are unfamiliar with the mechanics FTB skyblock tends to follow, here are some tips/instructions:

  1. Save your lava/water for a bit; you may not have a bucket for a while and which means those things are staying where you put them.
  2. There is a guidebook available from the inventory screen. It contains a lot of this information and other tips as well!
  3. Grow trees, punch trees, get wood. Make a crook as soon as you can; this tool is used on leaves to increase sapling drop rate as well obtain silkworms.
  4. Once you have a decent stockpile of wood/saplings, start expanding your island using wooden slabs (remember, hostile mobs can’t spawn on single slabs as long as they’re the bottom piece).
  5. Make wooden barrels when you can (ideally before it rains, although with the water source block this isn’t as huge as it used to be). Barrels collect water as well as compost excess food/saplings to generate dirt. They’re also used to make blocks/material from various liquid/solid combinations as well as summon mobs (blaze and enderman) and make mossy cobble (water filled barrel on cobble).
  6. Once you have some spare apples and saplings, consider combining them to make an apple tree; this is far more efficient than punching trees for apples and only takes two bone meal to make the tree mature.
  7. Once you have a good stash of wooden slabs, setup a cobble generator. Note that this is super tricky since everything you own up until this point is flammable! Using only bottom wooden slabs it is possible to make a slightly flame retardant cobble generator; keep in mind you are literally playing with fire and will want to replace parts of the generator with cobble asap. If you don’t want to risk fire, you can always sieve dirt in to get pieces of stone (4 make a piece of cobble). Doing so will also rarely result in seeds.
  8. I haven’t mentioned the hammer yet; you should have one in the chest at on your island. That thing is fun; it turns cobble to gravel to sand to dust. Gravel, sand, and dust can be used in the sieve to get bits and piece of ores which combine into ore (yay). During use it will also randomly spawn a chicken, which is useful for feathers/food.
  9. Got a ton of dirt but no grass seeds? Consider making IC2 crop sticks. Till a piece of dirt (if you make the gold hoe, you can till twice which is one more than you need) and place the crop sticks; eventually they will grow weeds which if left unchecked will take over the crop and then start spreading grass to adjacent dirt blocks. Then it’s fairly simple to use bone meal to get poppy/dandelion flowers which can then be used as floral fertilizer to get Botania flowers.
  10. Consider upgrading to shiny (platinum) TiCo tools fairly quickly. Platinum is actually surprisingly easy to get early on. Also consider compressed hammers/heavy sieves, especially as you get close to automating
  11. /island join <your-name> and /home <home-name> are powerful and handy if you can type fast. Consider putting a water pool (when you can) where you land on your island. It may save your life.

Whew. That’s a lot but barely scratches the surface; skyblock is often an involved process. Don’t feel discouraged if you don’t seem to be making progress as this particular combination of mods is meant to be time consuming and quite frankly a grind. It’s meant to make you plan about what you want to do and budget accordingly. It is very much possible to get a lot done in quick play sessions, but it requires planning out what you want to do.

Most of all, though, have fun.

You don’t have to follow OCD progression maps/charts; if you want to build the Swiss Family Void Tree House, by all means do! Adding all these mods and changes should not take away from the core that Minecraft is what you want it to be.

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