Like a Drunken Phoenix 4

So, it’s been a few months since we really did anything; real life has been keeping all the administrators pretty busy (no, adding more won’t fix it… we tried it already).

That being said, we’re looking to moving to another pack again. Right now a favorite discussed among the admin is FTB Evolved Skyblock so that may be the direction we head; of course this means getting into place scripts and other plugins to handle giving players their own starting areas as well as allowing players to group/team-up if they want to (I have some ideas that have worked in the past).

We’re looking to have the current server archived/down by mid-June and the next pack up shortly after.

(After posting, it also appears our layout has become massively broken; we’ll probably review and update the site between now and then as well)

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4 thoughts on “Like a Drunken Phoenix

    • CoderJ Post author

      I’m not sure, but I’ll find out if I can use your phone.

      Bad Ibbott quotes aside, we’re running more or less behind schedule as usual. I’ve been working on a new theme/layout for the site on sandbox copy of the current site, I did grab the archive of the world so I’m ready to pull down the existing pack and move on when we’re ready for the whole “moving on” part.

      To put it really simply, we’re more or less waiting on me to bite the bullet and refresh the server.This will probably happen in the next few days, this weekend at the very latest.