Revival 4

As many have noticed (I love starting posts with that), activity has severely dropped off. Personally, I got very busy again; changed jobs and lots of work to be done leading into/during the holidays.

Hopefully I should be more available again (I’ve said this before, at least I think I have) and that means…. PACK CHANGE! The next pack change will be another prebuilt as I’m so far behind with mod updates/what’s out there that I haven’t a good handle. If everyone doesn’t mind, we may start a rotating packs every month or so (maybe longer); this should keep things fresh as well as give everyone a chance to play something they like.

First pack is either going to be a Skyblock (Agrarian Skies 2 or Sky Factory?) or a flavored light pack (Simply Magic is currently my poison). Stay tuned… we’ll be back ;).

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