Whoops – Chunk Loaders went BAMF!

Apparently, ChickenChunks chunk loaders gained sentience; they reached the cusp of self-realization and the server, being overlord and generally cantankerous when it comes to things it doesn’t know about, decided “NOPE!”. So our poor chunk loaders were stuck insisting they no longer belong to players but to themselves and our server made it quite clear this is impossible. So we had to chose.

Those chunk loaders are gone. I know not where but I wish them well. Players will have to make new ones.

Yes, this may be an issue going forward. We’ll keep an eye on it.

TL;DR –¬†Really? That was short. ¬†😓¬†ChickenChunks chunk loaders lost associated player info, due to this the server kept crashing. We removed all chunk loaders to fix it. Build new ones.

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